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*Head Hits Desk*

Ok, I have been awake for 24 hours and sitting right here the whole time. GUH. I'm really really tired right now. But I convinced myself that I needed to stay awake for the full 24 hours so I wasted some time making an assload of Dir en Grey AIM icons. 25 to be exact. Yes, that's five of each member... *cough* ...just in case you couldn't do the math yourself. I got doing math down to a science... go figure. Anyway, I know I should have been working on those new colorbars I've been mentioning... but alas, I have no closeup shot of Die from Child Prey.

SO... if anyone caps, please get me one of those so I can finish what I need to do so I can die and be happy spending the rest of my afterlife with a Toshiya cosplayer while I wait for the real deal to show up... Cause O M G he has some seriously sexy legs and I might have to steal them *rambles on* I remind you that I am very, very tired... and about to shower... and then get some sleep... and dream about cool stuff like Toshiya's legs... mmm... *falls asleep at desk*

Oh yeah, the AIM icons.

I zipped them for easy access and that can be downloaded from (HERE) .

Enjoy those because I spent like a half an hour or something making them all.. actually lets say 25 minutes then I can say it was about a minute per icon and that ... actually, that's too much, let's cut that in half... THAT is how long I worked on those... not very impressive...

And I'm using the sleepy Kao mood for two reasons. 1.) I am sleepy. and 2.) I love his face in that one... makes me laugh... that's why I didn't use tired or drained or something....
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