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Guh, Sucks

I searched high and low... This house has three floors but nowhere could I find toilet paper. I was waiting for my father to get here... I had to pee so bad. But he brought toilet paper and for that he is godly. Took me like twenty second to pee... I was ashamed.

In better news, my mother is away for the weekend. She went on a conoe trip with her friends. And I just found out that my father (who only comes here every other weekend and this is his weekend) is working the whole time. Well, most of the time. It's pretty groovy because he says he's getting me up at five tomorrow morning... and from there... I dunno I'll probably do what I usually do.. play video games, bother people and websites online or watch some Dir en Grey dvds... all of which sound grand.

Which reminds me. On impulse I loaded up my level 77 Kingdom Hearts file this morning so I could finish with some stuff that I hadn't yet (yeah, I never beat Sephiroth... shut up) and I realized something. You go up levels just as fast as you do when you're in the middle of the game. I walked up into the jungle to find some white mushrooms (you know, had to get me some mystery goo) and by the time I got fed up and turned it off, I was level 82. Woof. Silly games.

I was inspired to start work up on OFG again... which may mean I need to take a break from all things Jrock. Don't cry. It'll only be a few weeks. Jrock put me in this slump so to get out of it I must put away all my cds, dvds and computer files until I am satisfied that OFG is where it should be at this point in time.

So if I seem distant (ex: don't visit Audrey or Despair for a while) please don't think I'm dead. I'll still be around. Or maybe I'll just spend less time doing all that. I dunno yet. All I do know is OFG is going down and if I don't do something I'll just end up letting it go and who the hell wants that? It's my baby, for crying out loud. My first website... *sniffle* I love that site.
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