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Yeah, I admit to pushing aside my five or six colorbar ideas to fart around and make icons... but I swear I am honestly getting better. And I HAD to make these... its because I've been seeing some really bad icons floating around lately... including my own. So, here I have for you 11 brand new icons of the jrock nature (Mucc and Dir en Grey).

These are hosted from two different places to try to make me feel better about how much space I've been taking up lately... so maybe if some don't work the rest will. And ok, I'll give you a teaser this time because I totally scammed you before.

You'll find a few MUCC boys being nuts, some Kaoru x Kyo stuff for those of you into that sort of thing, and Totchi's cute smile.

More in here:

(partly transparent)

Dir en Grey:

KxK (Not by obligation... I was just messing around with stuff... you know how I am about my DeG pairings. Kao and Totch all the way.):

(partly transparent)

Just some fun and cracks:

I hope that satisfies for now. If there are any issues let me know right away.

EDIT: Der me. I should credit lauraorganasolo for the mucc scans.

Well, I guess that's all I bothered you for.
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