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Shamelessly Borrowing

.... again. (I've used that title before, I know it)

This one comes from the lovely journal stylings of soranikaeshite

But of course I hate when my journal looks cluttered so I cut this bitch:

Jrock Family by esneka
Favourite Colour
Your Mother isAya (Psyco le Cemu)
Your Father isKyo (Dir en Grey)
Your Brother isKozi (Ex-Malice Mizer)
Your Boyfriend isToshiya (Dir en Grey)
Your Best friend IsYukito (Ex-Raphael/Black Love)
Your Pet isKumagoro (^___^)
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Well... that explains a few things, I guess...
I only put my answers in this once (sometimes I give it a few tries with different names) but this sounded awesome so I left it.

I really should get back to work on my mood set. I guess I should say that if anyone has a paid account and wants to use it, they can.
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