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*Head Hits Desk*

I started working on the Kaoru mood set that I desire so... unfortunately 37 moods in I realized that it wouldn't be as easy as I thought. I'm sitting there like "Ok, it's time to find a picture of him looking 'curious' if that's possible... and now one that resembles 'depressed'..." I think the total images are 132.. so at least I put a dent into it. Accomplished - Dorky finished. But I'll love it when its done.

And now I'm tired.

Oh, I finally saw that pistachio Shinya thing people have been talking to me about... I kinda just went with it but now I know what the fuck you're all talking about. Its cute, I'll give him that... but still no cookies for that man. *Shun*

I think I'm gonna go to bed early... right about now sounds good...

Oh god... I was just looking through the mood list to select "sleepy" because that's what I am and my jaw went slack at all the moods I know I'll never find pictures for... Good God, what was I thinking?
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