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I swear, if one more Dir en Grey fan complains to me about how The Final, Saku and Machiavellism suck hardcore, I'm going to throw a hissy fit... possibly hurt someone. WHAT IN THE FUCK is so wrong about a slight change in sound? MY FAVORITE DIR EN GREY SONG IS THE FINAL, GET OVER IT BITCHES. If you have something bad to say about these three godly songs, keep it away from me... I am so fucking serious. You're entitled to your own opinion just don't talk to me about it.


A few random positive quotes about The Final that weren't written by me (not edited for content or spelling):

"And I love Diru, too. ^_____^ The Final was awesome!"

"I relly like The Final"

"They still sound awesome! Please, Dir en grey, more like this one!"

Well, that's like 1/4 the amount of people who told me it sucked... Sorry, but if this proves no point, you can fuck off, ok? At least I can sleep better at night knowing not all Dir en Grey fans are total fangirl tards.

Ok, EDIT. I just found this interview again:

Q: I see. Then, how do you see your sound evolving? Are you still changing?
Kaoru: Well, yeah, there's been some evolution actually. It's so natural because, for instance, what we listen to is still evolving as well. Also I don't think it is cool to do the same thing forever. If it were really cool, we would have played all the concerts with all the same songs, you know. We are always wanting to do different things, so we can feel fresh all the time. I would rather change and evolve all the time.

*Points at Kaoru's answer* Thanks, Kao. I appreciate you taking my side here.
(even though you had no clue you were doing so)

Download link for those who haven't heard it:

*Looks the entry over* Ok, yeah, that looks good.
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