Liz, yo (oulan) wrote,
Liz, yo

Another chat with Niimura

Brute Locke: omg did you see the new layout on Audrey?
niimura76: O_O
niimura76: *runs*
Brute Locke: I am about this <-> close to making sweet love to it
niimura76: ...
niimura76: damn
niimura76: *DOES make sweet love to it*
Brute Locke: after me!
Brute Locke: *shoves you over*
Brute Locke: *makes sweet love to it*
niimura76: RGAH
niimura76: *watches*
Brute Locke: *satisfied* *cigarette*
niimura76: bleh
niimura76: *makes sweet love to it now that youre finished*
niimura76: *happy* *rat*
Brute Locke: that's some good lovin
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