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It took me roughly and hour and a half to go through my friends list. Shenanigans, LJ population. She-freaking-nanigans. And now, on top of that, I have like fifteen clips and lives I have to watch and relabel and tuck away into their respective folders and at this point I just don't want to. Maybe I'll play some god damn video games first.

And now, a letter.

Dear Heat In My House,

Fuck you. Fuck you and your god damn air in the pipes. When you pull shit like this, I have to go through my house and clean everything. I don't like doing that. My back and legs don't like when I do that, either. My condition does not leave room for this kind of bullshit. It's like you've never met my mother or something.

~ That bitch on the second floor

And last but not least, pictures that I had to clean out of my phone because it was bitching about the lack of space:

It seriously looks like it's going to fall over. Fix it, Walmart. Before someone dies.

If you can't appreciate the irony, then I apologize.

Just a creepy panda bear.

Pretty much the largest jar of mayonnaise either of us has ever seen.

Random bit of sky when my mother was trying to take a picture of this adorable rainbow fragment. It didn't work.

That should do it for me for today. Probably.
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