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Bimbo, y'all

Advent calendar on Miss Bimbo. Today was a Christmas tree. It reminded me that my bimbo is spending an assload of money every day to have a four room house with a garden. So I decided to do a little redecorating. Wallpaper and flooring are 500 a pop, wtf. I'm debating whether or not I should move the living room stuff into the scrolling room, since it's larger, but it's currently in the room labeled as "lounge" and that seems to fit better. D: Decisions, bimbo. Decisions.

On a related note, people who refuse non-staked challenges are cunts. The site doesn't keep track of your losses, assholes. Some people need those wins to level up. I hope everyone refuses your challenges when you need them for your next level. Cunts. I kind of wish the site would give me a list of everyone who refuses so I can post sparkly penis images that say "thanks for accepting my challenge" on their profiles. With a mule account, of course. I refuse to lose my Day 404 bimbo. D:
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