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My problem

I have a serious problem.

Up until yesterday I had not watched any of G-Dragon's MVs. The reason for this wasn't that I didn't like his music so much as I refuse to believe he's grown up. When I talk about him or if someone else brings him up, this is not what I see. This is. I see him like I see my brother; that is to say I will eternally believe he's a teenager.

And so I finally convinced myself to just watch them. I mean, how much damage could I possibly do to myself by sitting here and watching? It occurred to me after getting through the second one that I was jumping over to a different MV as soon as I was finished with each one, like it was some kind of safety net. I find myself needing to cleanse my brain with Perry's "Storm" or Perry's "Get Ready", or YG Family's "YMCA" or, hell, even 1TYM's "Hot Ttu Guh" every time I watch one of GD's MVs. Pretty much any music video that has baby!GD will work.

And this is not going to work for me. G-Dragon, stop getting older. It's breaking my heart.
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