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Had one of the best evenings in a long time, despite the fact that my uterus was turning carnivore and trying to absorb my intestines.

I picked up Thomas for the weekend because it's Halloween and he should be allowed to go home for holidays. We messed around on Tekken 6 for a while (and by 'messed around' I clearly mean we stared at Lili and Yoshimitsu thank you character customization gods) before bouncing our way over to i_eat_bamboo's castle. Where we played Tekken 6 some more. And by 'played' I clearly mean we voluntarily allowed Azazel to bounce our poor pixelated (yet cleverly customized) bodies off his bug-ridden bedroom floor for about two fucking hours. And then joked about how Jin and Azazel (idea courtesy: sweet load-up screens) were secretly gay crystal lovers. Jizazel.



Then she loaded up her sweet wrestling game. Now, I know nothing of wrestling games, nor have I ever thought of playing one, but there's just something about creating a gay Asian tag team that booty shakes its way to the ring that touches me in the most pleasurable of ways.

And on that cleverly disguised orgasmic happenings note:
superfag bikers.
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