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Because Its so funny to talk to Juice about Shinya

So in the Dir en Grey LJ community properly named dir_en_grey I came across an entry about the Obscure PV. Well, needless to say I brought it to the attention of the Shinya-bashing Juice and this is what happened:

Brute Locke: wanna see something really fucking strange?
Fantaisie Bleu: yes
Brute Locke: picture here
Brute Locke: APPARANTLY arms were supposed to sprout from his back... but I have never seen this and thus I think its just wrong
Fantaisie Bleu: ...what the hell
Brute Locke: pictures here
Brute Locke: I mean...
Fantaisie Bleu: lol if I didn't know any better I'd say I'd see some perky breasts if you paned the camera lower
Brute Locke: heh heh hhe
Brute Locke: oh man
Fantaisie Bleu: those arms are the people he's devoured trying to escape.
Brute Locke: the person who posted it:
"Is that a penis growing out of Shinya's back? XD"
Fantaisie Bleu: a penis going 60 miles an hour straight into a wall..
Brute Locke: the convo that followed:
Brute Locke:
A- hahaha XD shinya does not have a penis :P
B- Yes he does. And I bet it's pretty.
C- Lol!! I'm sure Shinya has a penis... Unless he stuffs his jeans... *mumbles*
D- lmao penises are never pretty.
B- Lies. His IS pretty. It's like rainbow skittle love muffin candy clouds.
Fantaisie Bleu: ...
Fantaisie Bleu: that eats people
Brute Locke: "B" is in denial
Fantaisie Bleu: B is Shinya in disguise
Brute Locke: *falls over*
Fantaisie Bleu: Only Shinya himself could claim his penis is pretty.
Fantaisie Bleu: seriously
Brute Locke: man, I love talking to you about Shinya... it makes my day grand
Fantaisie Bleu: lol only Shinya could claim his penis, or any penis for that matter, is like rainbow skittle love muffin candy clouds...
Brute Locke: *falls out of the chair* lady, I'm trying to be quiet here... my mother is sleeping behind me... but god damn... funny stuff
Fantaisie Bleu: ...if the penis in question were like rainbow skittle love muffin candy clouds, I'll shoot you, then me, and maybe where we'll go the world would be perfect
Fantaisie Bleu: case closed
Brute Locke: wurd to that
Fantaisie Bleu: amen

Shinya fans, don't hate me.
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