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I have not wanted to read Twilight more than I do right now at this moment. I don't even know why. I just suddenly have this urge to give in and do it for the laughs. As much as I hate the thought of Twilight in general, I do feel left out of the loop because everyone I know who hates it has read it and I feel that my arguments will become more valid if I've done the same.

My dilemma, however, is that I have difficulty spending my money on shit that I actually want to own, and I am just not down with forking over cash for something I will later use as toilet paper. And I will. It will chafe, but I long for the day that I can tell a Twitard that I wiped my shit with the pages of their precious bible.


Sure, there are people I know who own the books, but that means I have to ask to borrow them, thus letting on that I have the slightest urge to read the trash they've been known to call a book (well, I mean, it is written words and it is in a binding, so I guess it's a book no matter how I look at it). Allow me to rephrase. --the trash they've been known to believe is legible and logical writing.

And because I want to use it as toilet paper and it's rude to do that to someone else's book.

Plus, I think it might sully the fantastic ride I'm having with the Noble Dead Saga. Which is good, good reading. If you want a vampire book series that isn't ballsack and actually has vampires doing real vampire shit like not going out in the daytime, then I recommend these books. Hot ladies. Elf men. Spirit dogs. Vampires of all shapes and varieties (and some that I do believe could give Edward Cull...-something, (so sue me, I don't know the end of his last name) a run for his money in the looks department. I mean, this is assuming that the Ed-man is supposed to look like Robert Pattinson, whom I love and will never believe voluntarily signed on for this trash. If Ed = RPattz look-wise, then yeah, the Noble Dead Saga has Twilight beat.

I've now convinced myself that I don't really want to read Twilight and we're back at square one.
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