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wishFAiRY x: Shawn has done nothing but talk about you guys all morning
Degac Creep: thats because we're freaking awesome
wishFAiRY x: lol
wishFAiRY x: he keeps asking when hes gonna go back to walmart
Degac Creep: hahaha

Phase one in the process of stealing this kid and making him ours: complete.

On a completely different note, the goals to level up to level 19 on Miss Bimbo are fucking rediculous. 150,000 bimbo attitude, a job training process that takes 30 real life days (provided I go to the site every day), and I have to tan her until she's charcoal and give her the ugliest blonde hair I have ever seen in my life. Not cool, Miss Bimbo. And her boyfriend is a funky old man and it's creeping me out. Want to get to the next level I can change boyfriends at, please. D:
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