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Back story before the awesome: A few days ago, I got my hands on a used copy of Time Hollow, a game that, I will admit, leaves something to be desired in the way of game play, but is fucking awesome in regards to plot, characters and potential... for a series to be created from it. For a better look into how bad I have it for this game, may I direct you to this post at solidvaginas. Anyway, so I fell in love with the soundtrack of this game, downloaded it, and burned it to a CD with plans to listen to it while I slept because it's actually very soothing.

Now to the important part of the post.

Last night, I had the best dream I have ever had in my entire life. And I know what you're going to say. But, Liz. How can there ever be a dream that's better than the one where you ran Yunho down in a house? Well, I'll tell you.

In my dream, which I am convinced was inspired by the OST, I, Elizabeth Ann Broderick of Gardner, Massachusetts, was Ethan's hollow pen. That's right. I was the pen. Ethan put me in various pockets, he used me for his time hole ripping, I was best friends with a pocket protector, and Sox even slapped me around on the floor for a while at one point. I mean, come on. How does it even get better than that? I'll answer that for you.

It doesn't.
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