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WTF, world?

C0splay Queen: how cold is it by you?
Degac Creep: 0
C0splay Queen: Lucky
Degac Creep: it is effing 0 outside right now
C0splay Queen: Shit. I'll take that. We got -40 bs
Degac Creep: and I am sitting by a window
Degac Creep: oshit
C0splay Queen: that sucks
Degac Creep: I'm glad I'm not you
Degac Creep: I mean I like the cold
C0splay Queen: Yeah, but I'm at work sitting by a space heater. so I could say the same?
Degac Creep: but this is borderline horseshit
C0splay Queen: for real
C0splay Queen: I can has live somewhere nice and warm >.<
Degac Creep: I complain now but usually the most common statement out of me during the summer is: FUCK THIS, I'M MOVING TO ALASKA
Degac Creep: if things get past 80, I pretty much resign to living in an igloo
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