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→ Finished my Claymore icons. Don't want to submit the completed claim form, however, as I did not post an icon to the community every day because I didn't know I had to and I'm afraid they'll tell me more than half of the icons don't count because of this. I'll probably just live on knowing that I did it.

→ Updated my profile, though that was a few days ago.

→ Made 26 DW6 icons and didn't realize until #24 that they were all of Wu. But it's all gravy because Wu > every other team. I am shameless in my love of them. Especially Sun Ce. And Lu Xun. And Gan Ning. And Sun Jian. And Zhou Yu... Let's just say all of them.

→ Health: Doctor wants me to get a chest x-ray and one other procedure that involves a camera and my throat and stomach, but I forget what it's called. Not looking forward to that one. Lots of back pain. Lots of chest pain. Headache. Dizzy.

→ I'm cleaning my room?

OKAY THAT'S IT. Riveting, I know! I love you all.
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