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Liz does... fandom?

Degac Creep: okay so this question just popped up on my f-list
Degac Creep: So, who is interested in watching Heechul and Kangin as well as Jay and Jung Mo from the Trax cover classic pop acts like the Beatles, Queen and ABBA?
Degac Creep: and my immediate reaction was
Degac Creep: not me
Degac Creep: followed immediately by
Degac Creep: not even for money
GravityIsWicked: haha
GravityIsWicked: I listen to the abba covers to see how bad they were butchered
Degac Creep: I wouldn't
Degac Creep: it's not worth the heartbreak

GravityIsWicked: I think it looks like a decent movie
Degac Creep: mhmm
GravityIsWicked): and fucking Zac is shirtless
Degac Creep: and zac has a special place in my heart
Degac Creep: well no
GravityIsWicked: i'd pay for that shit
Degac Creep: its more the vagina area
GravityIsWicked: hahaha
Degac Creep: mmm
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