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So something just happened to me that I have never experienced before. Something so amazing that I could only sit back and chuckle once it was over. Much like being flash raped, once it was over, I could only sit in my chair and ponder over why I felt so violated. But it was awesome. I couldn't hear everything that was said, but this is what I can give.

I received a phone call. All day long I get phone calls for my mother and I deal with them according to their importance. This one will never leave me. It begins:

Me: Hello?
Him: Hi, is Ms. Broderick at home?
Me: No, she's out at the moment.
Him: Can I leave a message, then?
Me: Of course you can.

Now, at this point, I've opened wordpad to take a message because, well, I just don't like to write things down. The following line was obscured by what I, at the time, believed to be a sneeze or a cough, like this guys was sick at work or something, but now know to be a snicker or a small, muffled laugh. It was something about a dildo bill going up or something along those lines.

I thought to myself: No. He did not just say dildo. And after I replied with a slow "Okay", he went on to give me instructions about the insertion of said dildo. The where, the when, the how.

So I laughed because it was then that I realized that it was a prank call. I said okay again, chuckling to myself because I have never been prank called before and I didn't believe that people still did it.

Him: Did you get all that?
Me: Oh, yes.
Him: Okay. Have a good asshole.

Have a good asshole.
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