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Old habits die hard

I'm sad that my only Dir en grey icon is also my serious business icon. I'll use it anyway.

Lorne Kavanagh: what a..hello toshiya
Degac Creep: mmm
Degac Creep: I'll take it
Lorne Kavanagh: he just made me want his cock for the first time ever
Degac Creep: well there's a line
Degac Creep: and I'm the first ten people in it

I'll say it now. If their new album is anything like their last, I'm out. I'll give up. I would please like to have a repeat of Vulgar or Withering to Death. Something that sounds good that I don't have to defend. And long, haunting high notes.
Tags: roll the reel, the logs of chat, trufax
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