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Heechul > Danny, apparently

For the skeptics.

Degac Creep: so here's a kind of scary story for you
Degac Creep: earlier today, I was scrolling along on my friends list
Degac Creep: innocently, might I add
Degac Creep: and I stopped at this icon
Degac Creep: and my immediate reaction was to turn into the hulk and punch the wall because this icon was proof that the danny noriegblah fad has not yet passed
Degac Creep: but then I realized it was heechul
Degac Creep: and I physically hugged my screen
Degac Creep: then kissed it
Degac Creep: and said
Degac Creep: I love you heechul
Degac Creep: end of story
verticalpencil: >>
Degac Creep: WHAT
verticalpencil: *laughing*
Degac Creep: its not funny, it's scary
Tags: cuntflaps, ok we can!, the logs of chat, trufax
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