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Gackt and Eye

I just realized how bad that title was... don't hurt me... simpathize... SIMPATHIZE.
(Actually, is that how you spell that?... anyway...)

NurikoOni: Oi isn't Raison Detre the song where they tied up that girl and...had their way with her?
NurikoOni: O.o
Brute Locke: ... I think so... I never saw that one...
Brute Locke: but I saw caps and holy shit
NurikoOni: o.o never?
NurikoOni: -backs away-
NurikoOni: That...that is blasphemy!
Brute Locke: hey, you're lucky I've seen any
Brute Locke: my pv-watching experience is... to say it bluntly... sad
NurikoOni: You saw Cage and whatelse?
NurikoOni: Aww, how about d/l-ing somethin?
Brute Locke: hmm... Cage, The Final, Aint Afraid To Die, Filth, Embryo, Kasumi, Taiyou no ao, Child Prey, and a few others... not going to look them up... and hello, woman, DIALUP, not exactly easy to download things
NurikoOni: o.o really? Dang, that sucks
Brute Locke: yeah
Brute Locke: nice of you to rub it all in my face tho
Brute Locke: made my day
NurikoOni: Lol sorry bout that
Brute Locke: here *hands you some salt* pour some of that into the wound please
Brute Locke: I NEED IT
NurikoOni: XD -takes off cap and pours it-
Brute Locke: *quick intake of breath* oh yeah... just like that
Brute Locke: now I'm gonna load up some gackt and stab myself in the eye
Brute Locke: all-in-all it sounds fun

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