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Someone (Liz) beat the Hell Wyrm last night. Started at 10pm. I thought: Hey, I'll just pop in here and check this shit out, take him down if I can, and I'll be done in like half an hour. Right? Wrong. So wrong. Even with the ten minute break I took after he was 2/3 dead, the fight took like an hour and fifteen minutes. I didn't even count how many energy bars he had. I could only really see the reality of it after it was down to 13 or so. I'm guessing it has to be somewhere between 30 and 40 energy bars.

I had a pretty good groove going on for a while. Balthier with bubble and lure and his fine-ass Whale Whisker, Penelo and Fran with their Zodiac Spear and Masamune (respectively), doing their very best to keep the team alive. I think I only came really close to death once because of that move that puts Stop on everyone and kills everyone else, but it wasn't so bad overall and I never switched over to the other team.

I totally threw attack magick out the window because oil + ardor was doing 9999 a hit, but each spell costs 60, and I am simply not willing to spend all my hard-earned cash on ethers just to keep that shit going. Besides, Balthier and Fran could hit like 3 or 4 and sometimes 5 times in a row doing like 5500+ a hit. That's more than 9999 a go in my calculator. I never really pay attention to Penelo and what that fine spear is doing, since the woman never seems to die, so she's doing something right over there.

Invert = lame-ass attempt to make it hard. Every time it did invert, I laughed because I got all my MP back. Which was good because I was trying to keep up this lure + haste + protect + shell thing, plus bubble for Fran, because the other two had belts and she didn't. I could give her one, but she was wearing that one that prevents Stop and I needed it.

It wasn't really a hard fight, so much as it was an annoyingly long one. I was going to do Zodiark first, but I was in the area and decided to try. I wouldn't put him on my top ten hardest bosses list or anything, but he's mean. Didn't get much sleep because of it, though, and that sucks.
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