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Caught that organization bug going around

So, the layout at acony_icons was being weird so I ran another one down, modified it (and miraculously, kept the same exact banner as before), then redid all the tags. All of them. Took me two days. I felt satisfied until I remembered that Ian asked me to read some of the fics she's been posting to our fic journal. I took one look at the fic journal and knew I couldn't leave it that way.


So, I took the code from the other journal, made a new banner, modified it and put it up on reaper_in_acony. Then I redid the tags. All of them.

And I still haven't read any of her fics, since they're all DBSG and there's HoSu involved. I have to draw the line somewhere. And it is right there.

Of course, the retagging of the fic journal reminded me that I still have the rest of that SuJu fic challenge to do. And that long ass, ancient TonHyuk still isn't done.

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