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So I cleaned my room today... alright "cleaned" my room today. Took me like an hour and a half. It sucked. Then again, I never do any work around here so cleaning that one room shouldn't be such a hassle to me.

The Real Life Chatlog For Today:

Tom: Hay! Beth! Teen Titans in coming on!
Me: *groan* Is Robin gonna be in it... like... significantly?
Tom: Lady, he's the leader, of course he's gonna be in it.
Me: I said significantly.
Tom: Does it look like I've seen a preview of the episode?
Me: I dunno... doesn't answer my question.
Tom: Chances are, yes, he'll be a large part of the episode's storyline, but there are four other main characters so the chance of him being the main thing is pretty slim.
Me: ARGH! Why do you waste my time!?

...I ended up watching it.
...and Robin had a rather significant part, I might add.
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