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Love x~57

So anyone who was on my f-list about two years ago will understand this more than the newer folk, but I love Travis Wall. He was the runner-up on So You Think You Can Dance season 2 and he was so much better than Benji, it's not even funny, but I don't mind Benji winning because he was so entertaining and blah blah blah whatever. My point is, from the moment I saw Travis, I was in love. Come to find, after I did some digging around the time of the finale, he's gayer than I am white, and while that made me a little sad, I simply couldn't resist a laugh and a "figures" when I saw him in heels and a skirt.

I still love Travis Wall, despite the obvious gap in our sexual attraction for each other... or lack thereof.


Last night he made me so very happy.

Tags: roll the reel, sytycd
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