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Haven't cleaned out my camera in a while, or at least since I started KHII again, and I have a good handful of kitty ones. And some random ones. Including something kind of scary.

Let's start this off the right way. With my father. ^^
I promise he's not really that scary all the time.

Beans and Lulu

Baby Grey. Yes, that's my pink princess body pillow. Represent.

Sassy making good use of a poor, damaged, ancient DDR mat.

Cat booty

:D I love this dog. The best part is I'm not allergic to him even a little.

Seatbelted in the pimpmobile.

These speak for themselves, really.

My bed last night before I attempted to crash. Just thought I'd share how I have to sleep all propped up when I have the fucking plague AGAIN. The raccoon even got kicked out of his usual spot in the corner. Pity his poor $26 raccoon existence.

Let's talk how Liz needs to knock this off. But, honestly, it's amazing to use Shikamaru to beat Orochimaru into submission. Talk about delusional impossible fight turn-outs.
But also note the Jasmine sticker on my blue memory card.
And how Tom-ass left KHII out on top of the PS2... again.
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