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Went to see Prom Night yesterday with the mom. I don't really know what it was about it, but something didn't sit right. I mean, sure, for a killing everyone including your mother type movie, it was alright. But. No. I got it. It was the lack of blood. The budget for that movie was all spent on Brittany Snow and the set for the prom, which always looked like everyone present was on the dance floor. Which does not happen. But seriously. The most blood in the whole movie was when that one chick got her throat slit and there was a light spray.

Like a water sprinkler set on low for 1.5 seconds.

Perhaps I'm not giving the movie enough credit for being artistically different, as I had just watched Shaft, a movie about a self-operating and evolving demon elevator, and that one guy fell something like 70 floors and exploded all over his friend. That could be it.

But Prom Night was okay. Probably won't see it again. Or maybe just once if it's on TV or something. Not a waste of my time, though.
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