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Eusha Eusha Log

Figured it was time to move this.
Ignore if you're not involved. ^^

March 18, 2008:
Starter Pack: ringleader02, ringleader13, captain04, charisma03, cosmic01, cosmic15, krisingsun12, lalala09, littlekid20, mature12, paris13, passion15, princess08, tradition07, u10, upinthesky08 + 1 each of colorless, orange, pink, red, and teal candies
March 20, 2008:
Compensation Pack: 7lalala12, balladeer01, bossanova20, captain20, charisma16, cosmic04, cosmic16, crabdance12, crabdance15, crabdance17, dolphin03, dolphin14, drive07, fan01, fan03, fan05, fan10, firstmate17, fly13, forever18, forever20, gogogo14, gravity11, haengbok02, haengbok03, haengbok09, heaven03, heaven09, icarus18, itsraining07, knockout12, lalala13, lastfarewell04, lastfarewell06, lastfarewell08, letsallplay01, letsallplay12, littlekid01, littlekid06, loseyourmind04, melody10, paradox09, passion05, passion10, pimp14, piranha10, player03, player11, princess10, princess16, ringleader03, ringleader10, riot08, rising13, simple12, simple19, solver19, soul08, soul10, soultree20, spider19, sweety09, sweety14, timeless12, timeless14, tradition02, tradition04, u08, victory02, wayuare10 + 1 each of blue, red, purple and yellow candies
March 22, 2008:
* Trade with Jennifer: sweety14 for u11
Site Freebies: mature20, sweety05, fan02
New Deck Freebies: crazyguy12, crazyguy19, yadong09, yadong17, fishy12, fishy18, atlantisprincess05, atlantisprincess12, mysweetie10, mysweetie12, shineweare06, shineweare13, oseihango02, oseihango15
March 23, 2008:
* Trade with Jinniex3: rising13 for ringleader19
March 25, 2008:
* Trade with Wendy: heaven03, heaven09, timeless12, timeless14, mature12, and tradition04 for fan09, crazyguy11, crazyguy17, u07, haengbok13, haengbok15
* Trade with Sam: oseihango02 for haengbok12
Easter Egg Hunt 3: egg3, gangsta15 + 1 spotted candy, 1 green candy, 2 purple candies (mastering)
Easter Egg Hunt 6: egg6, crazyguy05, radio19, gravity17, d-d12 (akari badges)
Easter Egg Hunt 9: egg9, walk07, legend09 + 1 orange candy, 1 red candy, 2 purple candies (forms)
Easter Egg Hunt 7: egg7, boyfriend13 + 1 colorless candy, 1 orange candy (pv decks)
Easter Egg Hunt 8: egg8, booty18, dreamscometrue15 + 1 colorless candy (staff page)
Easter Egg Hunt Basket: basket, simple09, drive03, letsallplay03, lastfarewell05, valenti03 + 2 blue candies, 1 each of green, teal, orange and pink candies (big bang deck)
Easter Egg Hunt 1: egg1, yadong02, upinthesky15, lalala08, timeless07 + 1 teal candy, 1 pink candy (dong hae deck)
Easter Egg Hunt 2: egg2, knockout17, homegirl18, spider08, treasure07 + 1 pink candy, 1 blue candy (bada mv deck)
Easter Egg Hunt 5: egg5, rush06, charisma14, dreamscometrue01 + 1 colorless candy, 1 teal candy (big bang mv deck)
Easter Egg Hunt 4: egg4, captain16, simple15, polaris12 + 1 red candy, 1 spotted candy (translation game)
March 26, 2008:
* Trade with Gemrose28: dolphin14 for crazyguy02
Level Up Rewards: ringleader01, rella04, spider18
March 31, 2008:
* Trade with jenshinnn: gravity17 and itsraining07 for crazyguy14 and crazyguy16
* Trade with Jennifer: bossanova20 for fan12
New Deck Freebies: closetotears06, snowprince08, warning09, dejavu01, dontdon10, letters12, snow09, yeolset09, choreography02, voice14, shyness16, simba08
Random Card for Survey: sweety13
Easy Puzzle (3/30): u13, atlantisprincess02 + 1 yellow candy
MV Guess (3/30): walk10, dolphin04, legend01 + 2 red candies and 1 purple candy
Lost in Translation (3/30): fly02, gogogo12, yadong08, wayuare13 + 1 red candy and 1 pink candy
Restore Color (3/30): boyfriend06, mstyle06 + 1 colorless candy
Hard Puzzle (3/30): wonderful04, ringleader16, rockstar09, freeway08, treasure10, yadong14 + 1 each of yellow, blue, red and green candies
Memory Match (3/30): voice15, snowprince04, dontdon02, icarus20, mstyle15, captain15 + 2 spotted candies and 1 pink candy
Big Bang Slots (3/30): littlekid12, dejavu04, choreography13, happy15, simba16 + 1 yellow candy
April 7, 2008:
* Trade with Joanna: rella04 for ringleader17
New Deck Freebies: rokkuguh06, unlock06, fighter10, coward05, 4chance10
Easy Puzzle (4/6): freeway10, fishy02 + 1 purple candy
Artis Guess (4/6): crazyguy04, lastfarewell02, mind15 + 1 colorless candy and 1 blue candy
Lost in Translation (4/6): snowprince02, letsallplay02, booty06 + 1 colorless candy and 1 red candy
Restore Color (4/6): ringleader08, wonderful17 + 1 red candy
April 14, 2008:
* Trade with Peekay: walk07 and walk10 for crazyguy18 and u01
* Trade with Jenshinnn: player03 and player11 for yadong07 and yadong11
* Trade with mirraya: fishy12, fishy18, gangsta15, captain04 for crazyguy08, haengbok05, haengbok08, yadong06
New Deck Freebies: flawless11, violinboy12, um15, trot08
Weekly Freebies: violinboy05, um12
Easy Puzzle (4/13): gangsta04, letters02 + 1 yellow candy
Music Guess (4/13): player07, simple01, solver13 + 1 each of spotted, pink and red candies
Restore Color (4/13): flawless03, icarus06 + 1 colorless candy
April 21, 2008:
* Trade with Jennifer: wonderful17, sweety13, and legend01 for simple17, violinboy13, and yadong19
New Deck Freebies: tellme06, internetwar06, oopsy07, one11, erase08, tell07
Weekly Freebies: mind01, dreamscometrue06
Easy Puzzle (4/21): yeolset06, bohemian18 + 1 pink candy
Music Guess (4/21): shineweare15, yadong01, boyfriend03 + 1 each of yellow, green and red candies
MV Guess (4/21): ringleader20, soul18, cosmic09 + 1 each of teal, spotted and red candies
Album Guess (4/21): snow16, violinboy14, livewire17 + 1 purple candy and 1 red candy
Lost in Translation (4/21): haengbok05, radio01, trot01 + 1 orange candy and 1 purple candy
Restore Color (4/21): freeway14, swashbuckler10 + 1 yellow candy
Hard Puzzle (4/21): voice05, walk11, warning09, flawless15, gravity03, chapterone08 + 1 each of purple, pink, green and orange candies
Memory Match (4/21): bohemian13, erase12, oopsy08, sonata13, lalala09, snow06 + 1 each or colorless, pink, red, and green candies
Big Bang Slots (4/21): bohemian12, erase19, tell04, one01
April 30, 2008:
* Trade with Jennifer: erase12 for simple06
Easy Puzzle (4/29): ringleader05, fan11 + 1 teal candy
Lost in Translation (4/29): freeway19, itsraining03, flawless14 + 2 blue candies
May 8, 2008:
* Trade with Wendy: timeless07, dolphin03, dolphin04 for yadong10, yadong18, simple04
New Deck Freebie: otp02
Survey Freebie: ringleader04
Easy Puzzle (5/4): violinboy03, paradox07 + 1 spotted candy
Lost in Translation (5/4): haengbok10, rush07, radio06 + 1 orange candy and 1 yellow candy
May 9, 2008:
Suicide Puzzle (4/21): ringleader06, ringleader07, victory04, gravity19, drive09, crazyguy09, miracle04, rising05, wonderful03, happy09, flawless04, fly07, spider20, gogogo13 + 2 blue candies and 1 each of pink, purple, orange and red candies
* Trade with Uyuki: dontdon02, dontdon10, shyness16 for haengbok01, haengbok06, haengbok11
May 12, 2008:
* Trade with Mirraya: fishy02, um15, gangsta04 for crazyguy20, simple16, simple18
Site Freebie: yadong20
Iron Man Freebie: ringleader12
Easy Puzzle (5/10): fishy01, livewire13 + 1 yellow candy
Lucky Card (5/10): bohemian10
Ruined Card (5/10): booty07, itsraining12 + 1 green candy
Hard Puzzle (5/10): solver04, bohemian01, mysweetie09, rising04, crazyguy13, melody13 + 1 each of pink, green, yellow and spotted candies
Memory Match (5/10): internetwar01, bohemian06, oopsy06, letsallplay06, polaris01, sweetlove13 + 1 each of orange, pink, blue, and choice candies
June 11, 2008:
* Trade with Jennifer: bohemian13, princess08, and tellme06 for ringleader11, simple14, and fan13
Level Up Rewards: ringleader09, rising04, princess13, rush18 + 1 blue candy and 1 spotted candy
Theme Deck Rewards: treasure08, winterbreeze12
New Deck Freebies: style12, scandal01, sonyeoshidae09, intothenewworld06, snowdream12, winterbreeze07
Bowling Freebie: icarus05
Weekly Freebie: littlekid15
Easy Puzzle (6/8): xpress19, firstmate07 + 1 colorless candy
Artist Guess (6/8): balladeer04, mature06, fly15 + 1 choice candy and 1 purple candy
Lost in translation (6/8): knockout15, yeolset19, fan14 + 1 choice candy and 1 red candy
Hard Puzzle (6/8): freeway16, freeway18, booty10, anystar16, legend05, livewire16 + 2 colorless candies and 2 pink candies
Memory Match (6/8): erase15, starry13, yeolset18, oopsy10, timeless08, tell08 + 2 purple candies, 1 green candy, and 1 blue candy
June 15, 2008:
* Trade with Shinsou: style12 for flawless08
June 19, 2008:
* Trade with Jennifer: dreamscometrue01 for flawless17
New Deck Freebies: refresh07, soliloquist05, replay06, oonyun04, baraem06, baeshin12, getup14, eushaeusha01, firstkiss13, mianhaeyo10
Easy Puzzle (6/15): gravity08, trot04 + 1 green candy
Music Guess (6/15): u14, fishy10, happy18 + 1 orange candy and 1 colorless candy
Memory Match (6/15): insa05, sonata03, intothenewworld14 + 1 purple candy
Ruined Card (6/15): rockstar02, firstkiss01 + 1 red candy
Big Bang Slots (6/15): internetwar02, oopsy04, tell20, oopsy01
June 21, 2008:
* Trade with Joeyy: mstyle06 and mstyle15 for oopsy03 and oopsy12
* Trade with Christina: letters02, victory02 for violinboy08, violinboy15
* Trade with Sam: rockstar09, charisma14 and charisma16 for oopsy02, oopsy13, and oopsy14
* Trade with Elizabethh: knockout12 for oopsy09
June 24, 2008:
Egg Exchange: ringleader14, ringleader15, ringleader18, crazyguy01, crazyguy03, crazyguy06, crazyguy07, crazyguy10, crazyguy15, yadong03, yadong04
June 25, 2008:
Lost In Translation (6/22): trot19, legend15, lalala03 + 2 blue candies
Big Bang Slots (6/22): one15, bohemian16, internetwar11, internetwar14
Hard Puzzle (6/22): mind06, soliloquist18, scandal07, rokkuguh03, fighter14, style02 + 1 each of red, purple, spotted and green candies
July 7, 2008:
Deck Mastery rewards (2): yadong05, yadong12, yadong13, haengbok04, haengbok07, oopsy05, cabinboy09, charisma16, coward12, deckhand20, gravity06, heaven03, littlekid20, mianhaeyo06, mysweetie08, ojungbanhap05, shyness01 + 2 colorless, 2 spotted, 2 orange, 2 yellow, 1 green and 1 pink candy
July 8, 2008:
New Deck Freebies: crack06, crossdress05, eyes11, queen10, imyourgirl03, chocolate07, neversay05
Weekly Freebie: polaris18
Easy Puzzle (6/30): simple02
Memory Match (6/30): violinboy04, tradition05, snow17 + 1 choice candy
Artist Guess (6/30): um04, mind20
Lucky Card (7/7): imyourgirl04, chapterone11 + 1 blue candy
July 14, 2008:
* Trade with Elizabethh: knockout17 for oopsy15
* Trade with Jennifer: refresh07 and baeshin12 for flawless12 and flawless13
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