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Degac Creep: I'll make it up to you someday
Degac Creep: write you a brilliant rape fic with a pairing you like and I don't
TySouthpaw: aldk;s x-x
Degac Creep: probably involving ryeowook or something
TySouthpaw: x-x ew
Degac Creep: look
Degac Creep: you'll take what I give you
TySouthpaw: lol yes
Degac Creep: and you'll be happy
Degac Creep: you'll dance
Degac Creep: and smile
Degac Creep: and be merry
TySouthpaw: actually i probably would like it
TySouthpaw: if it were a brilliant rape fic
Degac Creep: everything I do is brilliant
TySouthpaw: that's true
TySouthpaw: dammit
TySouthpaw: you are to perfect
Degac Creep: GOD I KNOW
Degac Creep: its so hard living this life
TySouthpaw: i bet
TySouthpaw: *pets you*
Tags: the logs of chat, trufax
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