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Pictures, as promised

Here's a buttload of random pictures. Some of them are of the babies from before they left. Enjoy.

All three of these seem to be of Fred. I don't remember since it was a little while ago.

Charlie on the day before the other's left.

I want to say this is Itchy and George-Claw'd... but it might be Fred.

My bed again. Monkey light~

One of my Kangta's fell.

I had to use tacks to put him back up. He's too much of a diva to accept tape.

Charlie trying to sleep under the desk.

Dad. Wearing a wig. I'm amused that Kangta's in his picture, too. I guess my father and brother can't escape the sexiness.

Almost the whole family. They're only missing Homestar Runner.

Baby Lu~ I love this cat.

Charlie's getting bigger.

Sassy's feeling better, too.

Little Bit passed out.

Lu again

He attacked my leg under the desk so I surprised him with the camera.

And then he passes out.

And this is Charlotte, my sister. And Sassy.
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