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A most boring update

My mother's back onto days again. Back to being bored every day all day.

After Tim signed off, I just shut down AIM. It wasn't worth wondering.

I started a new game in Suikoden V... because I need to keep myself Suiko-packed. Also found that OFG is down. And it's sad because I've been thinking about completely revamping the site. I could do it. I mean, I have the fucking time. I even have the time to redo everything.

I found my library book. It had been missing for a while. Found it.

I get to start tomorrow off by making a layout. I've felt so unmotivated with graphics lately. I have an outstanding theme pack from icon_roulette that I still need to finish. I was thinking of making them Suikoden icons so I can get away with making an icon of Oulan and have it count toward something.

Speaking of icons, I finished my Bae Seul Gi ones.

The good news is that the last theme on kmusic_lims gave me lots of new Woo icons. I didn't even think of that bonus when I made the theme.

Vague/cryptic note:
I'd like for you to come online sometime. I don't think you quite understand how many people you're affecting with your periodical vanishing act.
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