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Yay~ New baby pictures~
And pictures of some of my things~
Check them out~

Baby Lu~

My new posters. I put them in the cove where I sleep.

More of the cove.

So to show all the Woo in my cove.

Baby Itchy

Baby Charlie looking... kind of weird.

Sassy being abused by the flash.

Baby Fred just waking up.

George-Claw'd wouldn't let me take a good picture so I was forced to hold him for one.

The twins~

Itchy and Charlie

It snowed yesterday morning. It's melted since then, but it was pretty when it was all white out.

Kittens fighting. I think it's funny that George-Claw'd's little gimp hand is sticking up there.

Sassy and the kids.

Charlie is into diet beverage, too.

George-Claw'd again.

And again.

And again.


Fred climbing around.

Charlie is such a doll. I love him so much.

Itchy's cool, too.

Helix was trying to get our attention while we were playing with the kids.

And baby Lu was trying to sleep.

Pretty pretty Sassy.

My mother getting ready for work this morning.

JTL magazine.

Honestly... one of the sexiest things I own. It's beaten out by my signed Woo CD. And my open shirt Woo poster.
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