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Yay for concerts

The Dir en grey show was so awesome. I was tempted to ask Tim to use his phone to send a voice post here to please myself later, but I was too fucking excited to go too much into it. Tim screamed like a girl when they came on. And we both nearly fainted for The Final. I was told prior to going that Kaoru was more beautiful in person than any picture could ever display. Let me tell you... true. All of them. There is no MV, live clip, or DVD you can watch that even compares to them live. Oh no.

We were on Die's side, despite my want to be over near the sex that is Kaoruandtoshiya (my favorite member), and I'm kind of glad we stayed over there because Die was making love to everyone over there. He walked out all smiling, looked us all over, still smiling, then proceeded to play his ass off. But we knew. We knew we'd all just been fucked nice and slow. And we loved it.

I've honestly never really given Kyo a whole lot of thought in regards to how attractive or not he is because Kaoruandtoshiya was always there to out-sex his gremlin ass. But holy shit. I spent half of the show staring at him and his half nakedness. Tim was drooling. Steph was crying. And Shinya. Woo. He was the first one we saw and Tim just screamed "It's Shinya," and the next thing I knew everyone around me was in fucking hysterics, ruining my ears worse than the first two crap bands had damaged me.

It was so hot. The whole set was just gorgeous. There were a few songs that took me a while to identify because, while the band is playing one song, Kyo is grunting and cooing in the mic and not giving any hint as to what he's trying to sing. Plus I was half way to fainting as it was.

So I had fun. It was fun. Met some new people. Laughed at bad pants.
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