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Heh... For the love of Kyo

Another story you'll find boring but I want to keep for later, so its up to you if you have the time and energy to read it.

I'm now absolutely sure of my brother's secret love for Kyo. Here's how it went: I got on this computer at about 8:30 this morning, watch Shinya being a wimp as usual then started about my daily business, checking Yahoo groups, message boards, email, started downloading something... the usual... Then Tom (the brother) comes up from downstairs and says straight out, "I want to watch Cage."

And you know me, I can't say "No, you bitch, I don't feel like watching anything Dir en Grey right now... cause that's like a sin... so of course I opened it up, full-screened that bitch and let him watch it. It was going well enough until about the first chorus where he yelled out, "Oh my god! Go back! Lemme see that again!" I still just though he was liking the music or even the video, so naturally I went back (oh come on, you can hear the bass at every point of this song... why cheat myself?)

Then we finally get past that part and it goes right through to Toshiya's solo (holy shit) but I didn't watch it multiple times like I may have if he weren't there... but right after it there's some stuff with Kyo and Tom was like, "Holy Shit, go back go back!" So I did again and started thinking things like "Jesus, what is wrong with this kid?" or "Who poured the gay tonic in his rice crispies?"

So after the video was done, he went out of the room and I thought I could go back to my biz, but he ran back into the room like the 15-year-old pansy boy he is and demanded to watch it again. And just as before, every part of the video where Kyo could be concidered hot was replayed a few times. I've pieced it together and it only took this to finally determine... MY BROTHER REALLY IS GAY AND HE LOVES THE KYO.

*Ahem* So yeah, got a few new songs last night... and not because I wanted them really... After the untimely destruction of Silver Ash, I just can't seem to listen to anything but Dir en Grey without going "alright, this is absolute crap!" and then going into an hour-long rant about how China's government blows and they need to pull the stick out of thier ass. So I was hoping some jrock would pull me from the slump. Four words: Plastic Tree or Bust

And since this entry is already longer than it should be, I'll go on to say its about that time of month... and I don't mean that time of month... I mean that time of month. The time of month where you shouldn't approach me casually and slap me on the back. Oh yes. Its the Gackt-hating part of the month where I throw out any pictures I have of him knowing full well that I'll probably just hunt them down again in a few days.

I have more but I'll just make another entry later... save some grief...
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