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I made a list

Yes. I made a list of everything I need to get done. I've found it to be a very long god-damned list. I need to stop watching anime and get cracking on it.

For now, some uploads.

Shadow of the Colossus OST --> DL
Seriously. Just listen to it. It's fucking beautiful. Throw it out after if you need to, but I tell you... It was the soundtrack that made me want to game even more. I spent days on the official site, wandering around and listening to the music.

Origa - Inner Universe --> DL
Origa - Rise --> DL
Some anime themes that are swell as shit.

Splatterhouse - Loud Noizes --> DL
Just because it's funny and makes me want to dance.

Ok, that's really all I have to say this time.
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