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The concert

There's a certain ambiance that accompanies being right in the middle of a wave of people, 19,000 strong, singing Rock of Ages that is just so powerful... and the feeling probably won't leave me any time soon.

Last night I went with my mother and three of her friends to see Journey and Def Leppard live. Honestly, going into it, I knew I'd enjoy Journey more because I've just always been more into them. But Def Leppard put on such a good show. Oh my god, it was so awesome.

I drank on the way up, I drank and smoked while I was there, then I drank on the way back, too. And I slept.

It wasn't bad at all for my second concert ever. Bi was good... Bi was so HOT... but this crowd definitely showed their love for the bands a lot more than the audience at Bi's shows. Bi's audience was a gathering of zombies in comparison. I did not sit the entire time the bands were playing.

Speaking Journey, the new singer isn't bad. He's younger... more energy... and he sounds hauntingly like Steve Perry. I mean, nobody can sound exactly like Steve Perry, but he's pretty damn close. He did the music justice. I hadn't heard him up until last night, but I thought it was good.

And Def Leppard. My god. They're so fucking hot live. You don't even know. Or maybe you do. I don't know. But if you've never seen them live, then you have no fucking idea the kind of rock power they have.

So I loved it. The whole show. All of it.
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