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Degac Creep: oh did you watch the dancing out mv?
AmyKaidoh01: yes i did....the making of it was better
Degac Creep: I thought the same
Degac Creep: I thought it was totally B
Degac Creep: and you can see one of the cameras at one point
Degac Creep: like they couldn't edit that out
Degac Creep: and it tricks you into looking at crotches you don't want to see
AmyKaidoh01: eyes did the same god damn thing on Ryeo wook
AmyKaidoh01: it was pure evilness of them
Degac Creep: and it's not like Han or Oon where you go
Degac Creep: THAT is a man's crotch
Degac Creep: and you might sit back and admire for a bit
Degac Creep: but that depends on the mood, I guess
Degac Creep: it was actually kind of SCARY
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