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What in the hell...?

Oh, Liz is in a foul fucking mood right now.

Degac Creep: Ken Matsamudo: Wonderful response to ALL of that I just said =D! *thumbs up* I couldn't have asked for more! Ya know..and I hate it when people reply back to a HUGE list of things I just took the time to explain to them, which..mind was complaining about me NOT explaining, therefore..I did..and you give me a reply back saying, "ok" as if you have no input on what I just said whatsoever. I'm sure your opinion is more than just an "ok". One of my other friends does that and it's really irritating. Telling him a lot of stuff and the best reply he can give back is, "ok"? Just a little forewarning for next time ^_^. Well..I'm logging off now before I get a little more irritated or something =3
Ken Matsamudo signed off at 7:50:29 PM.

Degac Creep: oh he is SO fucking glad he logged off
Degac Creep: I told him yesterday that I don't tell people about my problems because I don't feel like dealing with other people's problems
Degac Creep: he seriously can't expect me to fucking care
Degac Creep: *points* and he totally fucking threatened me
Degac Creep: Amy is getting a piece of my mind for this shit

So Amy. It's on. If I end up killing the kid before the night is through... it's all on you.
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