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She's back

About time we got some more Bin hate in here.

Degac Creep: ok you lied to me
Degac Creep: she is wearing like no makeup right there and is still ugly as fuck
oiamaio: 8D it's the damage done to her
oiamaio: from the makeup
oiamaio: 8D so now even if she takes it off
Degac Creep: fuck on top of fuck
oiamaio: still ugh
oiamaio: xD
Degac Creep: with three servings of fuck on the side
oiamaio: xD ew
Degac Creep: I suppose she probably has a thread on soompi where I can find freaks who like her and maybe a good picture
oiamaio: 8D probably
Degac Creep: sweet mother of god
Degac Creep: this is like walking into hell
oiamaio: :o
oiamaio: xD
Degac Creep: ... I like that dress
oiamaio: 8D
Degac Creep: god... she is just fucking disgusting
Degac Creep: there is no other word to put there, really... not one that works better anyway
oiamaio: xD
Degac Creep: I feel ashamed to be human when I see her
oiamaio: xD
Degac Creep: "However, by releasing her first solo album in 2005, Bin emerged as one of the hottest sexy female vocalists in the local pop music world."
Degac Creep: wtf is wrong with these people
oiamaio: 8D iono
Degac Creep: "because most people in soompi are girls and if you are even just a little bit controversial you're a goner. And she did a banjun drama with YunHo and Mickey... THatz prob most of the hating came from."
Degac Creep: no, we hate her because she's an evil, ugly, talentless whore
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