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The sad

I was working on the sexiest icon set I would have ever posted anywhere. It was so hot. It was Dong Hae. And while he's not the sexiest man alive, these icons made him so briefly.

And then my computer fucking shut off.


Yeah. It shut the fuck off.
There were 25 unsaved icons in PSP at the time. And they weren't the cheap sets I usually make. Each and every one of them was different and unique and...

I am so sad.

While I have you here, check out my spiff new Tei icon.
But even Tei can not ease the pain I feel inside right now.
And it doesn't help that Hae is the one used for the "sad" mood in this theme. It's like life is mocking me.

PS: I just realized how well that Tablo picture would work as an angst icon.
Tags: imagery, ok we can!, shit i handle
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