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Because Heroine 6 is hot

Some caps I made... smalled down to look nice on my journal and to not kill friends pages.

And a related log:

Degac Creep: and that's where Liz fainted
Degac Creep: as soon as that tongue came out
AmyKaidoh01: yea....*gasps* i can see why
AmyKaidoh01: I just freakin moaned out loud
Degac Creep: ha ha ha
AmyKaidoh01: oh god damn
Degac Creep: I was like "MERCY!"
AmyKaidoh01: hehehe....Yes...I think I would say the same
AmyKaidoh01: holy shit
AmyKaidoh01: hes hot and he knows it
Degac Creep: when the MC said "Shechshy" I was like "YES! SHESCHSHY!!"
AmyKaidoh01: hehehehhehe
Degac Creep: oh god
Degac Creep: they killed me
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