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Four More Colorbars

You people are vampires. This whole lot of colorbars sucked the life out of me. First, I didn't have enough crackish Brian pictures. I had to go looking. Took like an hour. Then I couldn't find HanHae pictures I liked enough to use in the colorbar. Plus I kept getting distracted because they're both totally sexy. Got me thinking that, no, HanHae isn't so bad. In fact, I kind of enjoy it. Then Shin Dong happened. I had the pictures... a shitload of them... and he worked with the colors and everything... but the pictures weren't working together and I had to recut and resize like five of them before I was happy. And then... here's the real winner... just as I was about to post them, I got a fourth request for a member of the group that I don't even like with pictures that are impossible to find and I had no choice as to which pictures I had to use... Luckily they worked perfectly and we're all good.

You guys are damn lucky I love making things for people... and that I am totally skilled with colorbars. So, these are for h_eechul, trickylady, clanger_on_acid and hoyah but I'm sure they'd all let anyone use them.

Brian Joo is crack

HanHae is celebratory cuteness

Everybody loves Shin Dong

Ryeo Wook is v(^-^)v face love

Brian crack:

A Pairing:

The Dong:

Wook Face:
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