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Short Update On Liz

This should catch all you Liz fans up.

01. I spent my evening and a portion of the night making Tony and Woo icons.
--> Tony
--> Woo Hyuk
Enjoy those. They love you as much as you love them.

02. I uploaded Tony's comeback in HD for a friend. I will now share it with you.
--> Tony's comeback in HD

03. Malebin fans pissing me the fuck off again.
Yes, it's time for a chatlog.

oiamaio: ...dude. everyone who says they dont like heechul are liars
i promise
nobody doesnt like heechul
its a law of the universe
oiamaio: *spam*
Degac Creep: .... I don't agree
oiamaio: i figured you wouldn't. xD
Degac Creep: in fact, I protest that
Degac Creep: everyone who says they're a Malebin fan has their head, neck and shoulders in their own ass
Degac Creep: just probing around, loving the smell of their own waste
oiamaio: :O *shocked and appalled and offended*
oiamaio: xD *but not*
Degac Creep: *bows* thank you, I'll be here all week
oiamaio: xD
oiamaio: <3
Degac Creep: that felt good

I was then told Malebin is prettier than Kangta.
Excuse me while I throw up a lung.

So, I'm a liar and I have bad taste.

04. I watched episodes 9 and 10 of Rainbow Romance (because I'm slow like that) and thought I would be able to just keep watching but was surprised to discover that Tony will be on a future episode of X-Man and suddenly all other shows didn't matter so much.

05. I shared my SuJu fic.
--> The fic
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