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Rising Sun Yappaanneeese

I love when things are so bad, they make you typo.

Degac Creep: I honestly can't believe I'm watching this retarded fucking video
band UmmA: xD which one?
Degac Creep: Rising Sun japanese
Degac Creep: no I havent seen it yet
Degac Creep: and it is just
Degac Creep: bed
Degac Creep: bad*
Degac Creep: BAD*
Degac Creep: OH GOD I MEANT BAD**
Degac Creep: like, not only is the song horrible
Degac Creep: the video is WORSE
Degac Creep: like
Degac Creep: I'm throwing this out
Degac Creep: I wont ever watch it again

band UmmA: xD oh it cracked me up
Degac Creep: wait
Degac Creep: no
Degac Creep: I cant throw it out until Steph sees it
band UmmA: xD
Degac Creep: then we can make fun of it together
band UmmA : the rap is so different~ o.o; i guess that bugs me.
band UmmA: xD
Degac Creep: yeah
band UmmA: there is a lot to make fun of
Degac Creep: the whole thing bugs me
Degac Creep: like
Degac Creep: hardcore
band UmmA: eheh. *turns it on* 8,D
Degac Creep: they should not have done this
Degac Creep: my boy is a complete pimp in it, though
band UmmA: guh. i need it in hd
band UmmA: xD
Degac Creep: and I can appreciate that
Degac Creep: yeah <.< I have HD
band UmmA: xD only lq here. jacqui's been meaning to look for hd
Degac Creep : *waves*
Degac Creep: too bad I'm throwing this stupid shit out
Degac Creep: tomorrow
band UmmA: *waves back* :D hi~ xD she can't dl anything right now until she cleans out her computer
band UmmA: o.o; micky looks like he doesn't wanna touch the tramps
Degac Creep: well if I still have it when you can take it, I'll give it to you
band UmmA: that amused me greatly
band UmmA: :D yey!
Degac Creep: yeah cause he wants Liz
Degac Creep: der
band UmmA: xD
band UmmA: 8,D junsu
band UmmA: so badass
Degac Creep: and I will never understand the hot dog
band UmmA : *o* jaejae dancing!
band UmmA: o.o; me neither. i guess it was to show off his badass-ness?
Degac Creep: right
band UmmA: he has no respect for anyone or their hot dog?
Degac Creep: wit ha hot dog
Degac Creep: right
Degac Creep: I mean, I'm impressed
band UmmA: xD
Degac Creep: *shakes head*
Degac Creep: and Yunho
band UmmA: o.o; i swear yunho is saying "who eatchuu?"
Degac Creep: oh don't get me started
band UmmA: xD *pets*
band UmmA: i won't. thus why i haven't mentioned him
Degac Creep: and my poor Kitty
band UmmA: xD i figured you might bite off my head if i say i thought he was hot
Degac Creep: he's not shut up
band UmmA: ohoho! min anger!
Degac Creep: end of that
band UmmA: 8,D i love min's anger
band UmmA: he makes people fly into the sky~
Degac Creep: heh heh
band UmmA: it's like "damn, i knew the kid had a power voice, but..."
Degac Creep: this is just bad
Degac Creep: keep korean songs korean, I always say
band UmmA: who eatchuu?!
band UmmA: xD *falls over laughing*
band UmmA : and i agree. 8,D
band UmmA: i heard rising sun in chiense, though
Degac Creep: I can only imagine
band UmmA: aside from jae slurring his words a LOT it wasn't that bad
Degac Creep: oh hey hey
Degac Creep: those chicks had better just get OFF my pimp
Degac Creep: kthnx
band UmmA: xD
Degac Creep: I appreciate his crotch
band UmmA: i am unconcerned. 8,D anyone who slings their arm over a half naked woman like yunho did must be gay
Degac Creep: and Kitty's hair
band UmmA: yes!
band UmmA: xD and i thought i was teh only one
band UmmA: kitty's hair is love
band UmmA: *rubs it*
Degac Creep: Kitty's hair is fabulous
Degac Creep: fabulous sexy
band UmmA: yep~
Degac Creep: fabulous sexy Kitty hair love
band UmmA: xD
Degac Creep: *snuggles with him*
band UmmA: aw, here comes teh hot dog scene again
band UmmA: and it fell
band UmmA : xD
Degac Creep: heh heh
Degac Creep: it always falls
band UmmA: everyone looked pretty nice, i think
band UmmA: xD jae is expected to
band UmmA: su's hot when he looks like he doesn't care
Degac Creep: *growls and grumbles*
band UmmA: 8,D kitty's hair is self explanatory
band UmmA: and micky... well micky's a pimp
Degac Creep: *sits on the pimp's lap*
Degac Creep: *clings*
band UmmA : xD
band UmmA: possessive. :3
Degac Creep: *hisses at Yunho*
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