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It's all about the females

Degac Creep: my brother just walked by
Degac Creep: asked who the pretty girl was
Degac Creep: I didn't have the heart to tell him that it was, once again, a guy
Degac Creep: so I was like
Degac Creep: "her name is Jun Ki"
Degac Creep: I hope hope HOPE he doesn't ask to see anything with "her" in it
PsychoVampBunnie: XDD;; *DED*
PsychoVampBunnie: aww

Now, moving on to an actual female.
My beautiful Bae Seul Gi.

*Loves on her*

And uh... is anyone else getting completely annoyed by Se7en?
I am. I am completely annoyed by this man.
And I can't explain it. Just every time I look at him I get the Bin stomach ache.
I hope it passes. But then again, I don't.
*Throws him out the back window into the dump truck with Yunho, Bin, Hyori and Chul*
Call me tomorrow. We'll discuss this.
And tell Malebin he can call when he has black hair again...

PS: More fic tonight or maybe in the morning.
Tags: imagery, ok we can!, the logs of chat
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