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Liz is pleased

Having refound all my Kylie stuff (discs, hunting down the things I was missing), I knew I'd be sharing at least some of it around. I brought it to the attention of the woman.

Degac Creep: how did Kylie treat you?
LizsSexyJailBait: she treated me with a damn fine helping of sexy white woman
Degac Creep: thats fucking right
Degac Creep: she's so sexy
Degac Creep: and kind of cracked
Degac Creep: just like I like my women
LizsSexyJailBait: shes like miyavi and woohyuk's bastard european girl child
Degac Creep: ... yes
Degac Creep: yes
Degac Creep: yes
Degac Creep: oh yes
Degac Creep: that
Degac Creep: is so hot
Degac Creep: I'm sorry
Degac Creep: I need a moment

I'd also like to point out her sn. *Loves on*

And seriously, since I feel bad enough about pretty much completely dropping my crazed obsession for the woman a few years back, if you don't know who Kylie is... don't tell me so. I will just start crying.

Oh wait, I have one more thing to say:

Ha ha. What a complete dork. He looks kinda like Jin Young of Black Beat right there.
Oh, Se7en... you tickle me raw.
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