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The Dong Hae Theory

So I was saying that Dong Hae isn't smooth. I'd seen enough of the man's dancing to say he wasn't smooth. I thought at first that it may or may not have been because they usually slap him near Hyuk Jae and, like my actual man, Hyuk Jae is fucking smooo~ooth. But then I figured that no... no, Dong Hae just... isn't smooth, slick, or easy.

But then I was proved wrong with that Caught Up dance performance. I found myself nodding silently and showing my family that I was wrong. There was a party.

And now... watching that same performance, I have to say... the man really just... isn't smooth. He can dance. He sure can fucking dance. But sometimes it's like watching a gorilla with dance skills. I think I figured out what it's really like though. Where Hyuk Jae has this fluid, femme-like grace, Dong Hae has this rough, gruff, solid man-like UGH. Uh... there really is no other way to word that. The man's dancing is like ugh. Like a grunt... a really forced, manly grunt.


So... Dong Hae is like a forced, manly grunt.

Theorizing over.

I'm gonna wrap this up with a really really cute picture of him to make people even more confused.

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