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The Theory

Degac Creep: Malebin must be female
Degac Creep: no dude has eyes like that
oiamaio: xD
oiamaio: jaejoong has pretty big eyes...
Degac Creep: I'm looking at this banner
Degac Creep: all the SuJu guys
oiamaio: @o@
Degac Creep: they all have normal dude eyes except one
oiamaio: xD
oiamaio: what banner?
Degac Creep: banner I'm putting together for my challenge
Degac Creep: it'll sit pretty on top of all the icons
Degac Creep: greeting people
Degac Creep: NOT THE POINT
Degac Creep: my point is Malebin has a vagina
oiamaio: xD
oiamaio: *flops over*
oiamaio: you are easily distracted
Degac Creep: guess I have to call him Femmebin now
oiamaio: @o@ and after seeing him do those splits. or rather, in that split position...i'm convinced his balls are hidden somewhere. in uichul's pants, possibly.
oiamaio: xD that's like implying that bin isn't feminine
Degac Creep: she's not
Degac Creep: she's a beast
oiamaio: *giggles madly*
oiamaio: xD

<-- has a vagina

Yes, I screencapped that just for this entry.
What of it?
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