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Oh yeah... you know you'd hit it

Degac Creep: wanna see something kinda scary.... but in a sense that I would still have sex with both of them (and at the same time, if needed) still kinda hot?
se7enteenYG: -gasps-
se7enteenYG: uhuh
Degac Creep: is that a yes or a no?
se7enteenYG: yes
Degac Creep:
se7enteenYG: the Myung?
se7enteenYG: -cocks head-
Degac Creep: *nods*
se7enteenYG: oh god
se7enteenYG: I love the Myung
Degac Creep: and the other one is sex-worthy just because of his car
se7enteenYG: oh yes, ooooh yes

What the hell is that guy's name?
I see it everywhere but never remember it.
And it's not easy to forget, so wtf, Liz?
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